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The 5 Best Seychelles Scenic Helicopter Tours

The 5 Best Seychelles Scenic Helicopter Tours

Seychelles is truly blessed with quite a few beautiful small islands surrounding the three main islands of Mahe, Praslin & La Digue. One of the best ways to view them is from the air by helicopter. The view from above of the islands, the granitic rocks coastline, the beaches and its clear waters is quite spectacular and mesmerising. The 5 best Seychelles scenic helicopter tours are a photographers dream.

The costs for all the 5 Best Seychelles Scenic Helicopter Tours are for a maximum of four persons per tour. Below are five of the best value Helicopter Tours :-

From Mahe Island : Click here

              Mahe Island Scenic – 30 Minutes

              Sunset Scenic – 30 Minutes

              Mahe, Praslin, La Digue Islands Scenic – 90 Minutes

From Praslin Island :  Click here

              Praslin and La Digue Island Scenic – 30 Minutes

From La Digue Island :  Click here

              La Digue Island Scenic – 15 Minutes


Note that on Mahe & Praslin Islands, we can provide transfers from/to hotel at a special rate.


 Email us on contact@visionvoyages.sc to book your Helicopter Tours. Click here to view our wide range of Seychelles Helicopter Tours with their costs and days of operation.