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Best time to visit Seychelles Islands | Local Insights By Vision Voyages

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So What is the best time to visit Seychelles Islands?

Best time for Seychelles Islands depend on two main factors, they are Climate & Culture.

1. Best time to visit Seychelles Island – Climate Factor

You might know Seychelles is located close to the equatorial line, these islands hold hot climate all year round with two active rain seasons. From May to October the Southeast trade wind blows, it has little rain falls and the days are really hot, humid and sunny. Those who like to sea breeze to cool down this is good time to travel. But the surrounding sea is not calm in this periods, you better be ready if you are taking boat trips in this time.

Then from November to March begins the Northwest monsoon season. In this season tropical raining is short and sharp, but pretty much regular. Northewest Trade wind brings the rain to the islands, mostly in afternoons. Raining may become intense in the month of December. In this time of the year surrounding sea is bit uncertain, not so ideal for travelers to wonder around the sea. Compare to other months Northwest monsoon season relatively cooler.

Best climate for sea lovers comes in between April and May, or October and November. In this time surrounding sea become crystal clear blue and waves are calm. This is an time to boat tours, Helicopter tours, underwater diving or snorkeling.

2. Best time to visit Seychelles Island – Culture Factor

Factor two is the culture. Seychelles Islands have various cultural festivals, holidays influence travelers find their best time in Seychelles. Some of you want be there for these cultural festivities or some of you want avoid them altogether. Anyways Seychelles High season comes at Christmas and Easter alongside with island nations school and work holidays.

Best Public Holidays.

Normally year begins with December 31st, January 01st and 02nd as New Year Holidays. Then in 01st of May is the Labour Day Holiday. Month of June Seychelles has special national holidays as on 05th – Liberation Day, 18th – National Reconciliation Day and finally 29th is the Independence Day.

Month of August has special day for La Digue island, on 15th they celebrate the Assumption day with festivities. On November 21st Seychelles celebrates All Saints day, December 08th the Immaculate Conception and Ending December 24th with the Christmas Day. Furthermore Easter week-ends also celebrated as a festive period, but dates changes year by year.

Best Festivals, Celebrations and Activities.

Most colorful Creole festival normally start in last week of October. For this special festival, Creole people from various island nations join together in Seychelles to celebrate their culture with joyous music, dance and art. Then look out for “Fet Afrik” or African week on month of May. In June, Seychelles has agriculture and horticulture show and environment week. Music is universal language, in the month of june comes the Lafet Jazz festival is featuring up musicians from Indian Ocean island and African continent.

Another amazing event is SUBOIS Underwater festival. This is unique & popular event for underwater photographers, held in Mahe Island on October each year. There are many competitions and games on sea happen in Seychelles all round year, look in to Fishing Competitions, Sailing and Winsurfing regattas. The “Festival De La Mer” is an action packed competition in September, Beau Vallon regatta and windsurfing race from Mahe to Praslin should be marked as something should not be missed.

Best Rates for Accommodation & Transfers

Peak season is from December to January, April, May, October  to November, in these time period you needs to book well in advance get a good accommodations rate. In peak seasons many properties are running full. Mahe the main island has more competition for accommodation. And for transfers Cat Cocos ferry from Mahe to Praslin takes about an hour and costs around €100 return, or From Mahe to La Digue (via Praslin) takes 90 minutes and costs around €120 return.

Keep no doubt, Seychelles is a magical place with fun activities throughout the year. This is exactly the reason why this island nation is one of the most popular bucket-list destination for many people. Enjoy a planned but fun-filled and worry-free Seychelles journey with Vision Voyages. Contact us anytime.


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