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Best Island Hopping in Seychelles

Dream of an paradise is not a dream anymore. Hop in to not one, but multiple paradise isles, meeting nature and wildlife, culture and beautiful people in Seychelles Islands. This is the best Island hopping in Seychelles, and your next luxurious adventure.


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Best Island Hopping Adventure in The World

Seychelles is literally a paradise with 115 islands (including the Private Resort Islands), it has a collective leisure-mass (land) of 455 square km to quench your wanderlust. The paradise sit between latitudes 4° and 10° south and longitudes 46° and 56° east in beautiful Indian ocean, neighboring to Madagascar and the great continent of Africa.

Geologically, it says that the islands of Seychelles have two distinct origins. First the inner islands are continental and granitic remnants, Then the outer islands are made from coral-line nature. And among these 115 pearly little islands, around 30 are inhabited, others are atolls, coral reefs, great clumps of rock, and sandy cays, which are mostly uninhabited except for seasonal bird colonies.

The Islands of Seychelles

Mahe is the largest island in Seychelles Islands. Mahe has over 152 square km of land. Since this is a geologically granitic island, it has over thousands of beautiful grey, granite boulders coming out here and there from lush green jungles.

The island center made up with a green slopes, which rise steeply out of the crystal blue ocean (view is breathtaking) to form a range of misty peaks. The Morne Seychellois is the highest peak, rose around 905m above sea-level.

Island Hopping to Seychelles “Victoria”

<img name="victoriacity">

Busy day in Victoria City, Seychelles Island.

Let’s talk about Victoria, Victoria is not a girl (obviously right!), there are many beautiful girls named Victoria in the island (after British queen Victoria), Victoria that we are talking about is the heart of Seychelles, the capital city of Victoria. It is the busy commercial and administrative capital of Republic of Seychelles, nestled below the mountains on the east coast.

After the Mahe island, there are three more islands in the list. They are Praslin island, La Digue island and Silhouette Island. The best transport method to hop around these islands is the ferry transport by Cat Cocos.


Take a Cat Cocos Ferry Ride to Praslin Island

Arial View Beautiful Praslin Island in Seychelles.

Most popular among luxury travelers,  the second largest island Praslin have around 37 square km land. It lies around 37 km (I know surprisingly the same) northeast of Mahe. Decorated by green central hills, Praslin’s highest peak reach around 367m, rising up from the milky beaches and lush palm forests.

Coco de Mer Palm Fruit

Here is something not to miss, the Coco de Mer Palm (something looks familiar?). These palms now considered as endangered plant and protected in the Vallee de Mai, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Take another Cat Cocos Ride to La Digue Island

Heavenly Dawn from La Digue Island

Located around 5km from Praslin and 50 km from Mahe. La Digue island covers an area of 10 square km and it’s highest hills rises around 333m (Yeah, Three 3’s I know right!). Visiting La Digue island trendy thing to do, it’s beaches are amazingly sandy white, not only that, this island also decorated with an beautiful coral reefs, amazing destination for snorkelling and deep sea diving.

La Digue Ox Cart

Things to look, La Digue Island is bit unique, there you can take a ride in an Old Ox Carts, Bicycles, and Club cars.

Private Hilton Stay at Silhouette Island

Amazing View on Silhouette Island

Silhouette is actually the third largest island and it has around 20 square km. Its highest peak reach 740m height. This sparsely populated island lies 19 km northwest of Mahe. It has breathtaking view with world-class restaurants and infinity pools.

Silhouette Island settlement is surrounded on La Passe, where Hilton Seychelles Labriz is Located. Hilton Seychelles Labriz is a place for you to indulge on secluded luxury. The world best spa treatments, guided walks, diving, fishing, helicopter tours to excursions of many nature, abundance of luxury experiences available in Hilton Seychelles Labriz & Spa.

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 View from an Helicopter Tour