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Vallee de Mai

Top Praslin Attractions

Female Coco De Mer Nut

Top Praslin Attractions

Praslin Island lies 44 km northeast of Mahe. It is the second largest granitic island in the Seychelles archipelago. It is home to the world’s largest ‘Coco de Mer’ nut UNESCO reserve. This reserve is called ‘Vallee de Mai’ and is considered as the Sacred Garden of Eden. Below are the Top Praslin Attractions: –


Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, often described as the ‘Garden of Eden’ due to its seclusion and mystical nature. The Park is the home to many endemic species such as the Coco De Mer itself, the Black Parrot, Seychelles Bulbul, Tiger Chameleon, Palm Trees, Gecko’s & Skinks. There’s just so much to discover. Visits can be self-guided, but it is advisable that you go along with a local tour guide. Guided tours are offered in several different languages which will give you a better chance of seeing the various species.

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Anse Lazio Beach:

Worthy of its position as one of the best beaches in the Seychelles and perhaps one of the finest in the World. Turquoise waters, fine golden sand. Being one of the top Praslin attractions, it is therefore the most frequented beach on Praslin. You can get there either by car, bus or even by a small trail starting from the other side of the island. There are also restaurants located on the beach.

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Cote d’Or Beach:

Very pretty white clean sand beach. Safe and perfect for swimming even for very young kids. Great for taking long walks during early morning and evenings. Wonderful scenery with beautiful palm trees along the beach. Being one of the top Praslin attractions, it is therefore a photographers paradise. Various quaint hotels along Cote d’Or Beach and a small village nearby for some souvenir shops, restaurants and services. Not recommended for undersea life or snorkeling.

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Anse Georgette:

This small, panoramic beach is among the most beautiful on Praslin Island. It is located at Constance Lemuria Resort. You can get there either through the hotel or by foot path.

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The Pearl Farm De Praslin:

The Pearl Farm de Praslin is a black pearl factory not far from the airport. You can learn about the evolution and significance of pearls. It’s interesting to know some details about that process, which can be learnt at the farm. There is also a shop at the Pearl Farm where you can purchase pearls, jewelry and souvenirs.

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 Curieuse Island:

This mythical island in the Seychelles has lots of things. It has historic sites, giant tortoises and a picturesque trail going round the island. It is also great for snorkeling and fantastic BBQ along the beach. Curieuse Island is very easily reachable from Praslin.

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St Pierre Island:

St Pierre is a small pretty island located 2 miles off the east coast of Praslin. It is an unspoilt island ideal for snorkeling as it is surrounded by clear blue sea with plenty of marine creatures. St Pierre Island is uninhabited and is mainly made up of the most beautiful granite rocks which are great for photo shoots.

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 Cousin Island:

Cousin Island is a small granitic island lying 2km west of Praslin Island. It is an ecotourism island where you can visit between 9.30am to mid-afternoon on weekdays only. It is a land and sea Special Reserve where you can uncover some divergent endemic protected species of Seychelles such as the Seychelles Warbler known as ‘timerl dezil’. Also found are the white-tail tropical bird known as ‘Payanke’, the Wright Skink’s known as ‘Teng Teng’ and the Giant Millipedes called ‘Milpat’. For your visit to Cousin Island it is advisable to take along mosquito repellent.

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Fond Ferdinand Reserve:

Although Vallee-de-Mai UNESCO Reserve is the best attraction on Praslin Island, we should not forget about Fond Ferdinand. It is a reserve you should definitely visit during your stay on Praslin and is easily reachable via Consolation road.  You have to keep an eye out for a red sign reading Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve pointing in the direction of the reserve. As with other reserves there is an entrance fee to be paid and you are then ushered through the magnificent garden forest. Visitors should note that guided tours are conducted only in the morning as it has to cover an area six times larger than the Vallee-De-Mai. The winding path through the valley takes two or three-hours and it ends at the most beautiful panoramic viewpoint.

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