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Seychelles Holiday Packages Blog

Seychelles Holiday Packages for Independent Travelers

With magnificent beaches and brilliant blue seas, it is hardly surprising the Seychelles ranks among the world’s most idyllic island holiday getaways. Marooned in the center of the Indian Ocean, this archipelago is made up of 115 exclusive islands.

Seychelles holiday packages for independent travelers are not necessarily beyond anyone’s budget. With good pre-planning and some island knowledge, you’ll discover that it is perfectly possible to enjoy the beautiful islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. You can book your holiday packages in advance and customize it as per your requirements.

How do I get to Seychelles?

There are regular direct flights to Seychelles. However, some flights routes through Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Emirates and Etihad are the primary carriers. Smaller carriers like Ethiopian Airways sometimes have less expensive deals! Airfares can be more attractive during certain months of low season.

When should I go?

The busiest periods are between December and January, and notably throughout Seychelles in the summer from May to Sept. The winter from October to Apr is when the islands of Seychelles receive most of their annual rainfall.  The climate mostly above 24 degrees all year round will still at least allow for beach lounging. Unsurprisingly, you will have a better prospect of snagging a deal throughout the low season. Even the destination management companies (DMC) offer Seychelles Holiday Packages and deals including cat cocos and cat rose inter island ferry and airport transfers.

Which islands do I visit?

There are three main populated islands that are easy and affordable to get to. Mahe, is the biggest island, home to the international airport and the Seychelles capital, Victoria. The main attractions here are trails, snorkeling, sight seeing and diving. The 2nd biggest island, Praslin, lies roughly 50km northeast. It has a much quieter vibe compared to Mahe, as well as plenty of stretches of sand like the sheltered cove of Anse Lazio. The island is also home to the Vallee de Mai nature reserve, a Unesco World Heritage Site. One of the very few places on the islands where you could see the wild coco de mer nut. It is the world’s biggest double coconut, notorious for its resemblance to a female posterior.

Tiny La Digue is 12km east of Praslin Island and is probably the classic Seychelles escape. It is a weary island where everybody travels by bicycle and there aren’t many street lights to obscure the stars. It is also where you’ll get the most magnificent beaches, like Anse Source d’Argent as well as the coves of both Grand and Petite Anse. Reaching the other more remote islands is where things start to get expensive. Some islands are available for day trip visits only, including the giant tortoise reserves on Cousin Island and the numerous islands of the Ste Anne Marine Park.

If you are planning a holiday in Seychelles, just email us on contact@visionvoyages.sc. Let us know of your travel dates; number of persons; your hotel preferences together with any excursions that you may be interested in. We’ll then provide you with our best customized package quotation including any ferry and airport transfers.