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Seychelles Finest Beaches

Banyan Tree Resort Villa View

Seychelles Finest Beaches

Must Visit – Seychelles Finest Beaches on Mahe

1. Port Launay Beach

 One of the best and longest beaches on Mahe with calm waters all year round so it is great for swimming or snorkeling. Here you may find locals selling coconut water and can relax on the beach drinking coconut water straight from the coconut.

2. Anse Royale Beach

 This beach is on the East Coast, about fifteen minutes drive in the southerly direction from the airport. The sea can get a little choppy during the monsoon months of June to September but during October to May the beach is sublime and great for snorkeling. There are a few restaurants along the beach.

3. Beau Vallon Beach

The most buzzing long beach in Seychelles with a few beachside restaurants and various hotels. With its nice sandy beach and calm waters throughout the year this stretch of beach is great for taking a walk, swimming, or simply sunbathing.

4. Anse Major Beach

After taking a one-hour hike, you will be able to access this beautiful cove. You must get to La Scala restaurant in Bel Ombre and from there you can take the hiking path to get to Anse Major. It is usually best to visit early or late afternoon when the sun is not so strong.

Must Visit – Seychelles Finest Beaches on Praslin

5. Cote D’Or Beach

One of Praslin’s most famous, longest beautiful beach, with soft white sand and calm waters. Various of the island’s hotels are located at this beach due to the beauty of its calm blue waters.

6. Anse Lazio Beach

One of Praslin’s most talked about beaches with clear blue water and silky sand. Swimming here is pleasant year-round and there is a great snorkeling opportunity.

Must Visit – Best Beaches on La Digue

7. Anse Source D’Argent

One of the most picturesque beaches with large rock formations for amazing picture opportunities. It has various little coves to settle down on for a relaxing swim or snorkel. The fishes come out to play in the beautiful clear-blue sea.

Going through Union Estate is the only way to access this beach. It is also the reason why this is the only paid for beach in Seychelles. Union Estate has many little attractions to see including a tortoise pen, coconut oil making and tree plantations. Walking through the estate and visiting these attractions then brings you on to the path for the Source D’Agent Beach.

8. Ilot Cocos

Ilot Cocos is most fantastic granite rock formation in the middle of the ocean near La Digue. So one has to take a short boat ride from La Digue to get to the Ilot Cocos. It has the most picture-perfect palm trees and huge rocks where you can enjoy snorkeling in the clear-blue waters.

There are other various island resorts such as Denis Island, Bird Island, Desroches, Fregates and Silhouette which are known for their peacefulness, untouched beauty and amazing beaches. There is a plethora of wildlife to be seen on these islands and their beaches for a once in a lifetime experience.