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Top Spots For Snorkeling

The Seychelles has a few of the most thrilling and spectacular marine life from the world, all which will be submerged in crystal-clear waters. In addition, as a part of the water around the islands have been protected, the sea and coral life’s continuing to grow and bustle regardless of the increase in tourist numbers.

Anse Lazio, Praslin Island

The secluded beach itself is magnificent – your average Seychelles beach with the white sand which blinds you without sunglasses along with the glistening sea. This beach is the quintessential paradise beach.

However, what you will love about it is what was beneath the surface of the turquoise ocean. Follow the stone line to the left of the beach and you might bump into the resident male turtle, who’s so utilized to humans that you may swim right next to him, a really sensational experience. And also the there’s so much going on here – rare corals, rays, fish that look like they have been from another planet, it is an excellent water world which you will fall in love with.

Anse Source D’argent

The water is so clear it is like it’s been poured from a bottle – and since it increases in depth only very progressively, you’re snorkeling at about waist high water, very up close and personal with the fish.

You certainly are so close to the fish as you work your way around the coral, but the fish do not care you’re there. If you’re fortunate, you’ll encounter an angry little trigger fish needing to take you so small and so feisty. Being so close and involved with this world gave me a brand new appreciation of marine life and the sea itself – it is only so inherently beautiful and calming.

Bird Island

Bird Island provides some of the purest and most natural sightings from the Seychelles. This island is generally admired for its amazingly diverse birdlife and untouched beaches, but the marine life’s just as special. You may encounter turtles that are more infrequent in prosperity around Bird Island and are generally seen in remarkable numbers.