Monday 26th August 2019 08:50 AM (Seychelles) 




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Air Seychelles Domestic Service

Our domestic network is operated by four modern Twin Otter aircrafts, ideally suited to island hopping and can carry up to 16 guests.

The flight to Praslin takes only fifteen minutes, during which guests will be able to experience a bird’s-eye view of Seychelles beauty, before you reach Praslin, the home of the Vallée de Mai, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Baggage Allowance:

All guests travelling between Mahé and Praslin will be allowed 23 kg of checked-in luggage and 5 kg of carry on hand luggage per person.

Guests holding a through ticket from an international flight will be allowed the same baggage allowance on the connecting domestic flight as part of the baggage allowance entitlement stated on the ticket from the original point of travel.

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